Find the purest maple products available, lovingly produced from the Holscher Family's maple sugar grove nestled in the Catskill Mountains of NY. 


Making syrup is a labor of love. Every drop is crafted with care and effort. It's not easy to gather nature's sweetener. Days on end are spent climbing high into the mountains, sometimes through snow pack that reaches the waist, to care for the sugar grove that will give us the gift of it's sap. During sugar season the alarm often wakes the sleepy team at three or four in the morning as tanks fill rapidly with pure maple sap through the night. 

All day long and into the night the evaporator burns and the sweet smell of sugar fills the air. The sap that tasted slightly sweet as it began it's journey from the tree is transformed into the distinct and delicious taste of maple syrup.  As travelers pass by the sugar house at night they will often see the wisps of steam rising through the lights that streams through our open cupola. 

After all the sap is boiled into syrup, the weary but satisfied maple producer walks across the street to the big red house where he gratefully lies down to get a little sleep before another busy day begins. 

 It's worth the labor and the long nights to produce a product so good that it brings delight to all who taste it. 

Try a little. We guarantee you'll love it. 



"I do love real Maple syrup - it is all I will use on pancakes and waffles. And this is about the best I have ever had anywhere."

The Virginian 

"Ah, maple cream, how do I love thee. I can eat you out of the jar with a spoon, I can put you on buttered toast, I can put you in a peanut butter sandwich, you are amazing as ice cream topping, cake frosting, stirred into oatmeal, just generally awesome. Seriously if you love maple syrup, this stuff is amazing."

Dana B.

"This pure maple sugar both sweetens and adds the rich flavor of maple syrup to anything it is sprinkled on. It makes wonderful maple-cinnamon toast and adds flavor and sweetness to plain cereals such as oatmeal or wheat biscuits. Maple sugar can substitute for other types of granulated sugar for many uses and makes a cup of coffee something special."

Margaret P. 

"Wow! What an amazing taste!! I have to admit, for the price, I wasn't too sure I would be getting such a great tasting syrup! This has to be one if not the best I have ever had! Plus, you know your supporting a family business so what not more to love about that?!"

Nathan C. 

"Absolutely love this Maple Syrup! The taste is beyond yummy! It is full bodied, while not being overpowering. Consistency? Perfected. Only one problem...willpower is necessary to not drink it down like water! ... I am sincerely thrilled with this find. I live in the USA, and am Canadian born, so I know maple syrup. And I am stating that this is the BEST maple syrup I have ever had the pleasure to consume."

Stephanie D. L. 

"This product was packaged perfectly deliciously and made in the USA . Also as an added bonus that it was made in upstate New York just a few hours from our hometown which we plan to visit personally! And so can't wait to see where this delicious product is made. Now we have a new weekend destination ."

Online Customer

"Ordered as gift for a friend. She knows her maple syrups and is delighted with this syrup."

Patricia J. K.


"Maple Cream is heaven in a jar! Seriously, it's absolutely delicious and I would put this on everything sweet (sugar cookies, blondies, ice cream, etc.) except I usually finish the jar via spoon first! The second best part (behind the incredibly good taste) is that it's not even terrible for you since it's just pure maple sugar and nothing else! Also, everyone who I've interacted with who sells the stuff has been very warm and friendly—I buy it from a farmer's market in NYC and they're the kindest people. I will definitely be buying more from them!"


"Wow. This is great stuff if you like maple syrup or maple flavored stuff. It's REALLY SWEET and DELICIOUS. The only ingredient is maple syrup from a farm in New York which is evaporated and whipped up into a cream."

Lantana L. 

"It is delicious! Love maple flavor and this maple cream has the best taste!"


"Love this stuff!! For a maple lover, this is a delicious way to get your maple "fix." Much better price than what I can get in my local store too."

Amy M. 

"This the best maple syrup I have ever purchased."

Merna K. B. A

"Exactly as expected and SIGNIFICANTLY more reasonable than purchasing from local stores."

Celeste W.